Dauerangebot Žilina

Forky’s BURGER (320g)  –  5,70€ + menu (460g)  –  6,90€
With tomatoes, red onion, pickled cucumbers, lettuce and homemade dip in a crunchy bun   (1,6,9,10)

Forky’s CHEEZ BURGER (340g)  –  6,20€  + menu (480g)  –  7,40€
Our „cheese“ is Forky’s burger, with slice of vegan „cheese“ authentic cheddar-flavoured   (1,6,9,10)

SPICY BURGER (340g)  –  5,90€ + menu (480g)  –  7,10€
Forky’s burger with pickled spicy jalapeños and spicy dip   (1,6,10)

VENICE BEACH BURGER (340g)  –  6,50€  + menu (480g)  –  7,70€
BLimited edition Forky’s burger, made by Ben Christovao! Eggplant „beacon“, pickled onion, BBQ sauce, crunchy cabbage  (1,6,10)

CHICK’N BURGER (320g)  –  6,40€ + menu (460g)  –  7,60€  
Chick’n schnitzel with cripsy saled, cucumber, red onion and mayo   (1,6,10)

Gluten-free PROTEIN BURGER (380g)  –  6,90€ + menu (520g)  –  8,10€
Burger from quinoa and shiitake in gluten-free bun, full of amino acids  (6,9)

BAGEL – 4,80€
With seitan bacon, horseradish mayo, rucola and sesame seeds   (1,6,10,11)

You can add slice of vegan „cheese“ (20g) or jalapeños (20g) for 0,70€


Forky’s KEBAB TORTILLA WRAP (350g)  –  4,50€ + menu (490g)  –  5,70€
Authentic spiced seitan „kebab“, tomato, red onion, cucumber, red cabbage, mayo dip, crunchy grilled  (1,6)

Forky’s HUMMUS TORTILLA WRAP (380g)  –  4,50€ + menu (520g)  –  5,70€
Tortilla with homemade tahini hummus, dried tomatoes, olives and fresh vegetables, crunchy grilled   (1,11)

STRIPS WRAP (350g)  –  5,20€ + menu (490g)  –  6,40€
Fried strips in a wrap with tomatoes, salad, red onion and light garlic sauce   (1,6,10)

Menu includes mix of FRIES (120g) with dip (40g)

MIX OF SWEET POTATOES AND CLASSIC FRIES (gluten-free) (120g)  –  2,10€

SWEET POTATOES (gluten-free) (120g)  –  2,80€

Served with dip (40g) of your choice


Forky’s LENTIL BALLS (gluten-free) (330g)  –  5,80€
Balls from red lentils and rice, potato wedges, salad and dip   (9,10)

Forky’s CHICK’N NUGGETS (250g)  –  6,20€
Chicken flavoured fried nuggets, fries and dip   (1,6)

Dips (gluten-free):   BBQ (6,9) / MAYO (6,10) / SPICY (6,10) / HORSERADISH (6,10)


CHUNKS FIT BOWL (210g)  –  8,90€
Chicken-flavored chunks, lettuce with vinaigrette, red onion, roasted tomatoes, remoulade, roasted bean pods, black Greek olives, plant-based alternative to parmesan cheese. Side dish: Toasted cripsy baguette   (1 – baguette,6,10)

PLUM JAM DUMPLINGS (180g / 410g)  –  3pcs 4,00€ / 7pcs 7,90€
Poppy and sugar, cocoa and sugar   (1)

BUN BO NAM BO (540g)  –  6,50€
Vietnamese partly cold dish with rice noodles, seitan, fresh vegetables, mungo sprouts, herbs, peanuts, crunchy onion and dressing   (1 – seitan,5,6)

Forky’s RED CURRY (gluten-free) (580g)  –  7,90€
Spicy hot curry with coconut milk, tofu, green beans, steamed broccoli, bell pepper, zucchini, carrot, cilantro and jasmine rice   (5,6 – tofu)

FRIED KIMCHI RICE (gluten-free) (400g)  –  6,20€
Jasmine rice, kimchi, sesame oil, nori, scallion, sesame seeds   (6,11)

QUINOA BOWL (gluten-free) (420g)  –  6,90€
Red and white organic quinoa, kidney beans, natural rice, seasonal vegetables, dried tomatoes, mesclun, walnut kernels, lime, miso or hollandaise dressing  (6,11)

SUSHI BOWL (gluten-free) (570g)  –  7,20€
Sushi rice, marinated tofu, cucumber, takuwantro daikon, edamame, wakame seaweed, pickled ginger, sesame seed, scallion, soy sauce  (6,11)

You can add extras to the BOWL:

Marinated tempeh (55g) (6)  –  1,30€

Steamed Broccoli (55g)  –  1,30€

Marinated seitan (55g) (1)  –  1,30€

Mix of seeds (10g) (11)  –  0,80€

Marinated tofu (55g) (6)  –  1,30€

Mungo sprouts (20g)  –  1,10€


Forky’s DESSERT depending on current offer (100g)


FIZZY DRINKS  (3dcl)  –  1,00€
Drinks prepared from clear filtered water from 100% syrup


1. Cereals containing gluten, namely: wheat (such as spelt and khorasan wheat), rye, barley, oats or their hybridised strains, and products thereof. 2. Crustaceans and products thereof. 3. Eggs and products thereof. 4. Fish and products thereof. 5. Peanuts and products thereof. 6. Soybeans and products thereof. 7. Milk and products thereof (including lactose). 8. Nuts, namely: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio nuts, macadamia or Queensland nuts, and products thereof. 9. Celery and products thereof. 10. Mustard and products thereof. 11. Sesame seeds and products thereof. 12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentrations of more than 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/litre. 13. Lupin and products thereof. 14. Molluscs and products thereof.