About us

Forky’s is a purely Czech project which originated in Brno in 2015.

The founder and owner of the Forky’s franchise network, Luboš Vidlička, along with his wife Klára, changed their way of eating in 2013. They wanted to introduce plant-based food to the general public in a pleasant and modern environment that is open to everyone without distinction. The goal was and still is to reach the widest possible spectrum of the population.

“Forky’s is not just a network of restaurants and bistros; it is also a means to change society’s thinking and perspective on food with all the related implications.

The sooner we realize how beneficial plant-based food is for our health, the environment, and sustainability, the faster we can ensure a better future for our future generations.”

Our history

8th October 2015

opening of the first Forky's branch in Brno on Jezuitská street

10th June 2017

moving the branch to Jakubské náměstí

11th December 2017

opening of Forky's Trnava

26th December 2017

opening of Forky's Praha Veleslavínova

1st December 2019

opening of Forky's Prague by Milady Horáková

2nd August 2019

opening of Forky's Brno – Vlněna – Street food box

9th October 2019

opening of Forky's Brno – Campus square – Street food box

24th May 2021

launch of Forky's product range for retail and the gastro sector

5th December 2021

opening of Forky's Ostrava

7th December 2021

launch of the forkys.store e-shop

1st April 2022

opening of Forky's Brno – NC Královo Pole

17th April 2023

introducing the Forky’s Beer Hub project

10th August 2023

opening of Forky's Brno – SC Vaňkovka