Good table for People in Need

It was not long ago, when we helped to collect funds to save 2,000 square meters of forest for the organisation Prales dětem (Rainforest for children) to secure oxygen for 18,000 beings every day. We have succeeded with the sum of 18 750 CZK thanks to you who have sat at our #dobrostul (good table). We want to help more – since October we have set our goal to help the organization Člověk v tísni (People in Need). Don’t you know it yet?

Humanism, freedom, equality and solidarity
Člověk v tísni is based on these ideas. Dignity and freedom are fundamental values, and we agree that people all around the world have the right to live with these values. Člověk v tísni, as a non-governmental non-profit organization, is focusing on helping in the Czech Republic as well beyond our country. It is also actively involved in creating a society in which cultural, ethnical, racial and other differences are a source of enrichment, not conflict.

Which projects will we help together? We will divide the total amount collected into:
One World in Schools educational project – to raise and educate responsible young people who are orientated in the contemporary world, who openly and critically access information, who are not indifferent, who want to influence and also really influence what is happening around them;
Promoting human rights in undemocratic regimes – supporting LQBTQ+ communities, minorities, human rights defenders, unjustly prosecuted journalists and lawyers;
Humanitarian aid – People in Need responds immediately to sudden disasters such as natural phenomena or wars, distributes medicines, food and basic things to survive, or supports schools or improvised children’s courses to prevent them from falling out of education for a long period of time.

When everyone puts their hand to the work…
Everyone might be just a drop in the sea, but when we get together, we can do great things. We therefore believe that together we will be able to help the activities of this important organization.

And how can you help?
Sit down to our good table – the best table in our restaurant overlooking the square, enjoy good food and contribute to the good cause with – 50 CZK.

Want to create a better world with us?
See the activities of Člověk v tísni.


Tip: If you are willing to help, but the good table is currently occupied, tell the staff that you also want to donate 50 CZK to Člověk v tísni. Every table can be a good table!

#DOBROSTUL – Enjoy delicious food, help and share.