We work with fries of Dutch-Belgian origin, which are one of the highest quality on the world market. Potatoes and sweet potatoes go through several quality checks. Firstly, they are weighted under water to check possible defects. The magnetic weighting is used to check their weight. Afterwards, both crops are cleaned – removed from clay and leaves, soil, stones and other impurities. Both ingredients are then allowed to dry and are sorted by size – their diameter and length are solved. Further quality control takes place in brine. In the following steps, the potatoes and sweet potatoes are peeled, cleaned again and sliced. Sliced go through the detection of possible defects again. The prepared french fries are briefly fried and blanched. They are cooled in a freezing tunnel and are frozen. Finally, the fries are packed and sent for distribution. 

The potatoes come from the Netherlands, sweet potatoes are grown in America, where the climatic and soil conditions are more suitable for growing this crop. 

In Forky’s we deep-fry our french fries in a special three-component fry oil, which is free of palm oil and allergens. It is rich in essential fatty acids – monounsaturated and polyunsaturated (Omega 3 and Omega 6). Ingredients that are fried in it absorb a smaller percentage of this oil than other oils, which makes it more digestible. In addition, it does not produce toxins and does not contain GMO products. 

We offer a 🍟 mix of potato and sweet potato fries, where the total portion consists of about one-third of sweet potatoes. However, you can also order only sweet potato or potato fries. Single or in the menu with burger, kebab wrap and chick’n nuggets. Always with a dip of your choice.