New Forky’s products

We have great news! New products that proudly bear the Forky’s brand have arrived on our shelves. We have begun the journey of new Forky’s products with high quality nut butter spreads and protein powder. Are you interested in knowing more? Read on…


You can now purchase four new products at our branches: chocolate-almond protein and three kinds of nut butter spreads: cashew cream with coconut and strawberries, hazelnut-peanut cream with vanilla and peanut cream with chocolate – all without added sugar.


Organic vegetable protein powder with chocolate and almond flavour

This bio-protein powder with a protein content of 75% has been brought to perfection in quality, taste and nutritional value. Sometimes it is hard to keep a balanced diet to get all the necessary macro and micronutrients. Simply have a drink, a smoothie, bake some sweet goodies or add it to your breakfast. We have decided to make it full of carefully selected protein components to form a complete amino spectrum.

We also wanted something extra, so we added vitamin B12 in sufficient quantities to cover the recommended daily dose.

Ingredients: organic pea flour, pumpkin protein, bio chia protein, bio unroasted cocoa powder, vitamin B12, stevia, chocolate and almond aroma. Weight: 500g.

The powder is packed in biodegradable packaging.

Nut creams

There are many nut creams on the market, so it’s not that big of a deal to blend nuts, but to choose good quality and tasty ones is the secret to success. Much often, nuts are stored in dust, dirt and can become moulded. That’s why we buy nuts directly from farmers and not through traffickers.

All of our butter spreads have delicious and sweet taste, but no sugar is added in either of them.


Cashew cream with coconut and strawberries (no added sugar)

After tasting about a million cashew nuts we chose those from Vietnam, they are delicious and so creamy that they make this butter into ice cream structure. The coconut comes from the Philippine palms.

Ingredients: 64% roasted cashews, 30% coconut, 6% lyophilized (freeze-dried) strawberries. Weight: 200g.

Vanilla-peanut-peanut cream (without added sugar)

Did you enjoy Ferrero Rocher? We did and we have the same Italian hazelnuts in our nut spread. To  perfect the taste, we added the finest Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. It gives the butter great taste and smell.

Ingredients: 58.5% peeled peanuts roasted, 40% hazelnut kernels, and 1.5% Bourbon vanilla ground. Weight: 200g.

Peanut cream with chocolate (no added sugar)

The highest quality Argentinean peanuts dried with hot air androasted. They contain high levels of protein, vitamin E and vitamin B – niacin, which helps maintain low blood sugar. In addition to peanuts, we added Belgian chocolate without sugar.

Ingredients: 85% peeled peanuts, 15% dark Belgian chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor, and sweetener: maltitol). Weight: 200g.

And what makes our products so special?

In addition to a truly divine and tuned taste, it will appeal to you with carefully selected quality ingredients and ecological packaging – our protein comes in a biodegradable packaging. We believe you will fall in love with our new products, just like us.