No plastic? It’s not a joke, Forky’s offers revolutionary packaging!

It looks like plastic but it’s not
We offer to all the dishes you want to take with you, degradable packages of unique PLA material, made from plant biomass (corn, potatoes, cereals, beets). These packages have the same properties as conventional plastic made from petroleum – they are flexible, strong and can even be transparent. The difference is only that they are very environmentally friendly.

Throw it on the compost!
Packagings are taste neutral and absolutely free of allergens. PLA is globally recognized and certified for use in the food industry and is guaranteed to be health-safe. And what’s the best on these packagings? Those that we use for lunch menu, burgers, and streetfood risice, can be easily composted because they are made of corn. All others are also decomposable – those for soup or rice, dips and Superbowls (transparent PLA).

Help us with the revolution of packaging
We have decided to take this responsible step towards the environment, which will help reduce the production of plastic packaging and waste, and perhaps inspire and motivate other businesses. But we really need your help, our dear guests. Only you and your interest decide how far we can afford to go with environmental protection.
Packaging from PLA is, of course, still a little more expensive than traditional plastic. Knowing that buying such a package does not burden the planet, it is worth it. In addition, you can wash them out and use them repeatedly, we will only be glad!
It is important to make pressure on all businesses that are less interested in nature to use these packages until their prices can be lowered – with the expansion of bio-plastic packaging. We are at the beginning of major changes, but the changes are happening step by step and this is another step. We need your support to implement it.

Fantastic without plastic!
Forky’s is therefore 100% eco in all packagings. We believe this is the right step you will appreciate.