Street Food Boxes and new Forky’s branches

You must have already heard that we have opened two new, not quite regular branches. Two of our Forky’s Street Food Boxes have been placed in Brno’s Vlněna Office Park and Campus Square. What exactly are these Street Food Boxes?

Street Food Box is a compact Forky’s branch that can be placed almost anywhere. The box is completely manufactured and equipped with everything it needs and brought to the site on a truck with a hydraulic arm, where it settles, connects to electricity and water, and enriches the place with its excellent purely plant-based dishes. This was achieved in two places in Brno during 2019’s Summer and Autumn (Forky’s Vlněna Street Food Box and Forky’s Campus Square Street Food Box).

The menu is slightly modified and adapted to the smaller space and style of food you can take with you. Still, you can have your favourite burgers, kebabs or hummus wraps, baguettes, bagels, not dogs, lentil rolls, red curry with rice, quinoa superbowls and other specialities in the Street Food Box. You can also buy our Forky’s products, such as our protein powders and bars, nut butters, instant oatmeals, wines or our merch (tritan bottles and our #respectforlife cap).

In addition, you can also taste something new that you will not find at other branches – Kapsalon. Kapsalon is a traditional Middle Eastern shawarma in a popular Dutch style with French fries and pickled Arabic vegetables.


By the end of 2019 and at the beginning of the new year, we are planning to open several new branches. New branches are planned for Vienna, Prague’s Letná and probably also Chodov.

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