Forky’s Brno has opened the upper floor!

We have some great news for you – Forky’s in Brno, at the address Jakubské náměstí 1, has opened the upper floor and has become one of the largest vegan restaurants in Europe.

How is the upper floor different from the downstairs?
On the new floor you do not have to order your food at the bar – sit down, the waiter will come to you and will be happy to receive your order. You can order all the meals from our menu, including the daily menu, as well as drinks – from lemonades, coffee and tea, to alcoholic beverages and drinks.
You can also bring your meal from the bottom bar upstairs. On the top floor you can leave your dishes on the table – the waiters are happy to clean it after you.

We also have a few upgrades and further news for the top floor, such as a rentable lounge, which can be used for lectures, celebrations, corporate meetings, and so on. You can also look forward to a special evening menu available on the top floor.

More news will be announced soon on our Facebook and Instagram.
We are looking forward to your comments on how you like the new floor!